Samples are divided roughly into groups as follows:
Cover designs
Story layouts
Ad/Marketing layouts
Text-only layouts

"The bulk of work shown is from the last few years at America's Network, which means it's by and large magazine layout. Some older work has been included here to demonstrate a little variety in subject matter and style. I've designed and produced a wide variety of print material.
    "This includes far more samples than I'd normally present in a portfolio, but I wanted to include a fairly thorough collection to show versatility. When I show a physical portfolio I try to narrow down my selection to only the most appropriate pieces for that particular job." — Jon Fraze

  Cover Designs

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  Story Layouts

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  Departments  •  Columns, TOCs, house pages, etc.

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  Telecom Speculator
  DC Briefing

  Text-only Layouts

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 Ad Layouts  •  Magazine ads, newspaper ads, brochures, etc.

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broadmore mailer
sunrise brochure

  quiet streams
wedding album

oasis ad

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