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Commercial & Editorial Illustration

"This collection of was selected to demonstrate my representation style, mostly accomplished in watercolor and airbrush. For more samples, see the section on Science Fiction and Fantasy illustration.
    "Most recent work has been editorial, done as part of my job as art director for America's Network magazine.
    "For more recent work see the section on Cartoons and Humor.

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  Commercial Illustration

Thad Bosley album cover

Kensington Technologies ad

Kingston Technologies ad

"The Revelation" album cover
Glory of Christmas
"The Glory of Christmas"
moses illustration
Rain Bird ad

MBA drawing
"Temple" drawing

Shurflo ad
I Am cover
"I Am" album cover
"Drums of Africa"

  Editorial Illustration

"Hear No Evil" monkeys

"Strike" Labor Poster

Barbeque illustrations

Transplanting illustrations

Deck seating illustrations

Tesla cover

"Inca Warrior" illustration


"Faith in Faith"



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